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We organically cultivate medicinal hemp flowers in the foothills of Western Maine to create this beautiful blend of CBD and CBG Cannabinoid oil. This is a full spectrum formula with a solvent free Co2 extraction creating the cleanest medicinal oil on the market! If you have seen the news recently you may have seen the benefits of these compounds popping up in regards to blocking viral entry!

Wildcrafted & Fresh White Pine Needle Tea

Our needles are shipped fresh within 24 hrs of harvest via Priority mail for the brightest flavors possible. Out of all the pines, Eastern White Pine has the mildest flavor. The terpenes in the plant give it a really delicate & bright flavor. We love it with honey and lemon served hot or cold! As you notice the tea stays a very clear color, even after steeping for quite awhile it will only have a subtle tint. The wonderful thing about this pine is the oils, nutrients and acids extract incredibly efficiently into water.


Concentrates are a great way to get all the medicinal benefits of teas and likely even more benefits due to their concentrated nature! We offer a variety of concentrates including pine, dandelion pine, double extracted chaga, CBD& CBG, White Pine Oil, and Activated Turmeric Oil using traditional folk tecniques, as well as newer extraction techniques including co2 extraction.

The relief I am getting from the Fire Rub on my Arthritis is incredible. I am amazed at how well this salve works.

Emily Forester

The Best CBD oil on the market hands down, and I've tried alot!

Beth Maguire

The pine came so fresh and the tea tastes lovely.

Melanie Hyatt


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