We forage the freshest Eastern White pine needles from Maine! The Pine Tree State

White Pine Needle Tea

One Cup Daily

We recommend 1 cup daily!

Search for yourself and you will uncover many benefits of this treasured tonic that has become a valuable resource in these times.

Shipped Fresh

We hand forage and ship priority Tuesdays and Thursdays from Maine " The Pine Tree State" so shipping is 24 hrs after foraging days. For maximum freshness and potency we recommend freezing the needles for longer term storage vs drying them.

** Fast and Free priority shipping is included for US based customers.

How does it taste?

Out of all the pines, Eastern White Pine has the mildest flavor. The terpenes in the plant give it a really delicate & bright flavor. We love it with honey and lemon served hot or cold!

I ordered this tea after I researched it and learned it was beneficial to health when it comes to spike protein concerns, it came very fresh.

Tonya Boarden

Ashley was really helpful and able to accomodate a custom size order

- Lou Maguire

This tea makes me feel like I am doing something helpful and proactive for myself.

Andrea Marion

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