We forage the freshest Eastern White pine needles from Maine, The Pine Tree State!

Fresh White Pine Needles, White Pine Concentrate + farmed and foraged goods

One Cup Daily

We recommend 1 cup daily! Search for yourself and you will uncover many benefits of this treasured tonic.

How does it taste?

Out of all the pines, Eastern White Pine has the mildest flavor. The terpenes in the plant give it a really delicate & bright flavor. We love it with honey and lemon served hot or cold! As you notice the tea stays a very clear color, even after steeping for quite awhile it will only have a subtle tint. The wonderful thing about this pine is the oils, nutrients and acids extract incredibly efficiently into water.

Shipped Fresh

We are foraging to order

When we get our daily orders we hike out into the forest to harvest and then shuck, weigh, and process the needles. Check out the foraging section of our website ( found in the top menu ) to see the process. We ship within 24 hours from harvest. We are harvesting daily with the exception of Saturday as we cannot ship Sunday. We always harvest a little extra to have on hand for orders that come in after the fact. On occasion if we have a lot of orders, your order will be first on the list for the following day. If you need your item immediately, it is best to check in with an email prior to ordering just to confirm we can accommodate your timeframe. We check our email regularly. 

I ordered this tea after I researched it and it arrived very fresh.

Tonya Boarden

Ashley was really helpful and able to accomodate a custom size order

- Lou Maguire

This tea makes me feel like I am doing something proactive for myself.

Andrea Marion

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