International Customers

International Shipping Requirements & Policy *** required that the customer reads this policy to order.


  1. Be patient if Items get held in customs this is out of our control, sometimes tracking information is delayed.
  2. Sometimes there are customs and duties fees, these are out of our control and are the responsibility of the customer, we suggest you research these possible duties. For example sometimes there is no duty fees in Canada and other times there is an 11% tax.
  3. The only product we can ship internationally is Pine Oil via UPS shipping service. Your shipment will go out the following Thursday after you have placed your order with an order cutoff time of 10:00 Thursday Morning. We are driving a reasonable distance to use this service which is the best and is why we can only ship out once a week
  4. We cannot ship mushrooms, fresh pine, cbd or alcohol based concentrates internationally, we tried and had issues with customs.  If you order these items your order will be canceled and refunded and you will have to reorder pine oil.
  5. Important **** Customer must choose UPS Shipping option at checkout this is the only service we can use. We tried using the postal service and had a lot of delays and issues. If you chose an alternative shipping company to UPS your order will be cancelled and refunded and you will have to reorder again.


We are very sorry we cannot ship our other items… we tried but had issues with agricultural products ( invasive species threats)  and alcohol in concentrates, we took a hard hit from this as a small business. We are taking a risk and trying again with the oil as we think it is the safest bet and will not be flagged. Please please please be patient, shipping time is an average and sometimes takes longer and sometimes customs can hold items. We have no control over this.