White Pine Needle Concentrate - XL size (8.5 oz) Small Batch craft made
Eastern White Pine Concentrate
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White Pine Needle Concentrate - XL size (8.5 oz) Small Batch craft made

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250 mL (8.5 oz  )

Pine Needles in a bottle! 

Our wildcrafted small-batch white pine concentrate is tinctured in a vessel stuffed to the brim with fresh needles and some small twigs. It is a potent brew and great for international customers who do not want to pay expedited shipping for fresh needles.

This is an Alcohol extract, which allows extraction of both water soluble and oil soluble nutrient components of the pine! We cold extract with a 2-3 week minimum tincture time. After the extract is complete and smells nice and piney, we add Star Anise Extract, a splash of amber maple syrup from Weston’s farmstand down the road, along with a hint of bitters and ginger for a lovely flavor. 

This extraction technique gives you all the benefits of pine needles concentrated in a bottle, and is a bit less of a task than brewing loose needles.

 *** Pine needle concentrate is not recommended for pregnant women, those with low blood pressure, folks with a bleeding disorder like hemophilia, or those with pine nut allergies. 

Ingredients: Fresh Eastern White Pine, 100 proof vodka ( extracting agent )  Maple Syrup, Bitters & Ginger, Star Anise 

Note: This product is brewed in 100 proof alcohol we dilute it to 90 Proof for shipping 

Suggested 1/4 - 1 teaspoon a day. You can take the concentrate as a syrup or you can add it to a tea, or coffee.